• Pepsi4 votes
  • Diet pepsi3 votes
  • Taste when its right3 votes
  • Flat soda4 votes
  • Moldy taste3 votes
  • Inconsistent quality3 votes
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  • 20 hours ago
  • Food Stores
  • Franklin, Indiana
  • Diet Pepsi
  • 1
  • 1
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Why do we have to pay the same price for 16.9 fl oz Pepsi bottles as the 24 oz. I love the 24 oz. I will pay more for you to produce it? Mary Glassburn mglassburn71@gmail.com. Why do we have to pay the same price for 16.9 fl oz Pepsi bottles as the 24 oz. I love the 24 oz. I will pay more for you to produce it? Why do we have to pay the same price for 16.9 fl oz Pepsi bottles as the 24 oz. I love... Read more

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no Pepsi Max in small bottles 16 ounce 24-ounce can't find anywhere except gas stations need in store grocery stores thank youFort Wayne area Fort Wayne Indiana Add comment

I bought a 24 pack of Pepsi max and I took a drink of one of the cans (I drink it every day so I know how it is supposed to taste) and it tasted like cigarettes. I had a friend drink it to see if it was just me but she also thought it it tasted like smoke. Add comment

Im waiting on bus stop on cicero and byron ehug pepsi truck parks right in front of bus stops blocks the bus stop conpletely i tell him he starts screaming at me i had to get on the street in front of truck and flag down the bus thier should be a law against this if i wouldnt have gotten on the street i would'nt have gotten on street bus driver would'nt have seen me Add comment

I put in 2 dollars got my Pepsi Max started to drink it it tasted funny looked at the date on the bottle Oct. 13 2014 today is April 16 2015. Called pepsi they said whats your name and address they going give me a refund. Didnt even ask where it came from. I told her keep the refund. They must do this alot. No more soda mechines for me!!! Add comment

today I bought a bottle of diet pepsi from pounds stretchers ive always drank this and today it didnt taste right as I looked at the date it says sep 12 I will not be drinking diet pepsi or any other pepsi again!! very angry Add comment

I have purchased for the second time two six pack 16.9 fluid ounce bottles of caffeine free diet Pepsi and they have been flat. Nothing worse than wanting a drink of Pepsi which I have always loved and it taste horrible. I would like to know if you would be willing to help me in any way to resolve this. Purchase date was 4/3/15 and 3/23/15 Add comment

  • Apr 05
  • Food Vendors
  • Letchworth, Hertford
  • Pepsi-Cola
  • 28

pepsi tastes different, one tin sell by date march 16 has a lemon twang to it that is not as nice, other tin sell by jan 16 has the great taste of normal pepsi. I have noticed the same thing in the past. they are both gb made and were brought at the same shop. they have the same ingredients on them but the lemon tasting one is no where as nice as the other type I noticed this first when the... Read more

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I purchased a cherry pepsi that was totally flat and i was on lunch break so had to deal with it. Add comment

I only used to drink Coca Cola until I discovered Pepsi Next. It was delicious! Less sugar, less calories and it still tasted like real soda. Now its gone. The only thing I have found is pepsi true. Disgusting! And almost the same amount of calories as regular pepsi! Why oh why get rid of a good thing? I'm back to mixing Coca Cola and Diet Coke. Lost another customer pepsi! Add comment

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