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I had two 6 pack bottles of diet Pepsi that tasted very off, I only drank one from each pack- I am type one diabetic and each pop raised my blood sugar to dangerous levels each time. Add comment

assalam o alikum sir I m nouman from makway grammar school add c 3 block j n naz my request is k mere paas supply nahi arahi 100 complain karwachuka hn 10 din mn 1 dafa banda ata hae woh bhi nakhre kar k or kehta he kisi se bhi shikayat karo to plz mera last year ka comisin bhi harap lya inhon ne so plz you solved my problem at soon plz Add comment

  • 14 hours ago
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In the last two years some times when I purchase a diet pepsi it has a funny taste to it . This happens with the three liters and two liters pepsi .I been feeling a little sick when I drink it. several times I had to pour the soda down the drain. It's almost like the soda is flat , it has a old taste to it , but the date on the soda is recent .I had to change to diet ginger ale for about the... Read more

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  • Aug 28
  • Food Vendors
  • R K Puram, Telangana
  • Broken Bottle
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I am Veena Sharma from Hyderabad India On 24th Aug 2014, the bottle busted with out opening, the glass piece hit in the left eye the retina got cut and the doctor says there is problem with the vision. Why the pepsi company is not checking properly when your incapable of supplying the products with doing a quality check, the person who is injured he is the sole person earning in the family now... Read more

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hoolseller sold expire Pepsi. in khanawal,kabirwala,nava shair. sealer name allahdat. Add comment

  • Aug 12
  • Food Vendors
  • Bad Pepsi Taste
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I purchased a 2 L. Pepsi that very flat to the taste and when I opened the bottle there's little fizz. I love Pepsi been drinking it for years. this is the third time this has happen to me within a year. I am very disappointed with my favorite drink. On my income that's a lot of soda to waste. I am disable and can't afford to buy a soda a day. I wish I could. I don't know if I am addicted to... Read more

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  • Aug 11
  • Food Vendors
  • Bad Beverage
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Hey my names michael, I live in hawaii and I just opened a can of sierra mist the first thing I notice was the taste it had the most off and horrible taste ever!!!!! It tasted like there was something mixed with it next the smell it smelt rotten like a bunch of fruits decaying it was hobble I poured it in a clear cup and it was cloudy!!!!!!!!!!! I hope I don't get sick or worst or you will be... Read more

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  • Aug 03
  • Food Vendors
  • Brentwood, Pennsylvania
  • Flat Pepsi
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i really enjoy diet pepsi. i could nt return my 12 case of diet pepsi because i allready opened one can. i will continue to drink diet diet pepsi. i really enjoy it and i know how my diet pepsi should taste. this has never happen to me in all the years i been drinking my diet pepsi. so i would really appriate this matter to be solved. i would like to recieve a voture to replace my diet pepsi. i... Read more

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I bought a case of Pepsi and every time I poured one on ice it smelled like ***...or Sulphur. So I checked my ice maker and my ice...And nothing else smelled like that. I went out and bought ice just to make sure and when I poured the Pepsi on ice...*** smell again!. I love pepsi....what is going on? Add comment

Love Pepsi Max but can't find it lately I usually buy a few 20 oz bottles every day from my local Sheetz or Rutters and sometimes from the Canteen. Vendimg machines at work. Hope to find where I buy soon. Add comment

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