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I am very upset i can not get Pepsi Next in the Northeast area in my state of Massachusetts. They are selling it in all the other states its not right to stop a product in certain states. If they don't bring back Pepsi Next i will have to switch to Coke Life which i dont want to. SO PLEASE BRING BACK PEPSI NEXT NOW!!! Add comment

Pepsi Next is no longer available in the northeast area. Its available in other parts of the country. It is not right to shut off this area there are dedicated consumers. I have been drinking Pepsi products for 40yrs and don't want to stop! But Coke came out with a similar product to Pepsi Next i quess i will have to swich unless Pepsi does the right thing!!! And BRING PEPSI NEXT BACK!!! NOW Add comment

  • Dec 05
  • Food Vendors
  • Brentwood, Pennsylvania
  • Pepsi-Cola
  • 41

I went food shopping today like I do every week and bought pepsi like I always do. When I got home I drank one and noticed a difference right away that it taste weird. I then googled to see if they changed and found that they changed from corn syrup to suger. I think the corn syrup is better but if drinking real suger means less suger I will drink it. It does taste diffront. I prefer corn... Read more

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  • Dec 04
  • Food Vendors
  • Eagle, Idaho
  • Pepsi Can
  • 21

Purchased a case of mtn. Dew from winco in boise idaho. Also purchased a case of pepsi. Put both in my fridge. Opened case of mtn. Dew after 2 days. Noticed all the cans were deformed and looked sunken in. Finding it odd i just wanted a mtn dew. Cracked the can yo find it had no carbonation. Same with the case of pepsi. Since i now know this is an isolated incident, what is being done to address... Read more

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Hi all,this is to inform you that i bought pepsi 1 week ago,which was not expired but i was shock that i found some sot of bad camical inside.Its was fugas.wow not expected this.if i would have been drink this then may be i was not able to write this to you guys.if its was expired i would have been understood but how this can be happen. Reach me on 7838130509 Add comment

I purchased 2 12 packs from winn Dixie. Both are flat and off tasting. Smells strongly of ammonia and makes a louder and different sounding crackling noise than normal Add comment

  • Nov 12
  • Food Vendors
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Diet Pepsi
  • 38

I purchased one 12 pack of diet Pepsi from Wal-Mart and the other from a Smiths food and drug store and both were flat. Neither were past the date on the carton. The fact that the cans had no carbonation just made it taste like syrup. This is not the first time I purchased flat diet Pepsi and was wondering if there was a problem with the product or just the distribution company. I live in the... Read more

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I bought a Diet Pepsi from the store like I always do and it tasted different, it had a very rancid aftertaste, I bought one from another store and it still tasted bad, what the *** did PepsiCo do to make it taste like *** all of the sudden? Add comment

  • Oct 22
  • Food Vendors
  • Bellevue, Washington
  • Flat Pepsi
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  • 1
  • 33

I bought a 12 pk Pepsi in MI.with the Lions on carton.The whole carton was flat.I just got another one same thing.What's up???? Read more

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I bought the 8 pack of 12 ounce bottles of diet Pepsi and have the hardest time getting the caps off my husband had to use pliers to unscrew the caps Add comment

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