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  • 2 hours ago
  • Food Stores
  • 2

Pepsi has been losing its fizzle for years. Every now and then I find a can that seems to be nicely carbonated and that won't go flat after an hour in the fridge but that is becoming less and less frequent. The last month, I started noticing an odd aftertaste but "why" I didn't realize it was the Pepsi that caused the aftertaste, I simply can't explain. I thought maybe it was a toothpaste I'd... Read more

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  • 2 days ago
  • Food Vendors
  • Latrobe, Pennsylvania
  • Pepsi-Cola
  • 1
  • 1
  • 62

I used to love love love Pepsi.....but over the last couple years I have noticed that it isn't what it used to be! It gets FLAT entirely to fast where as before you could put it in the refrigerator and it would stay carbonated for along time, but now it doesn't stay bubbly very long at all! Very disappointed with the drink that I used to love and couldn't go without!!! I find myself converting to... Read more

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I recently bought 5 six pack of Pepsi at a Kinney drug store and so far 3 of the 5 have been flat with a nasty taste ,I drink slot of Pepsi and am very discouraged because this is not the first time it has happened , thinking of changing brands . Add comment

  • Feb 22
  • Food Vendors
  • Elsa, Texas
  • Pepsi Cola Can
  • 12

I bought a Pepsi from the vending machine and it came out sealed but empty. I still have the can for proof. I was upset because I hadn't eaten all day. I was on break nearing the end of my shift at work and all I had was fifty cents to buy a beverage. Pepsi was my number one choice at the time, because I love your products. I wasted my fifty cents and didn't even get to have a drink. if you don't... Read more

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I worked for Pepsi for fifteen years , twenty years ago. They took my ESOP capital stock and said I never had it. It was VIP stock given to all employees.is anyone else out there feel like they got screwed out of this. The New York bank told me my account number and a week later denied talking to me. Add comment

  • Feb 19
  • Food Vendors
  • Hardeeville, South Carolina
  • Staff
  • 15

I work at Harvrys in yamassee sc .And im not happy about what they did to the pepsiman that works that store .Beaufort Sc plant Manager Landon and Harveys store managet kicked him out the store forno reason everybody knows the store manager at Harvys is a racist man.Landon has never liked Mr Jones i heard him and Harvys dtore Management talking about MrJones its said Mr Jones has been thete for... Read more

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I too after 40 years of drinking pepsi have switched to a different brand. I'm sick of the flat soda. It's flat from the start and gets dumped out if a can't drink it within 5 minutes. I don't know what pepsi is thinking but if I am willing to switch I now alot of others will too. They have lost my 500.00 a year witch I'm sure is no sweat off of them. Add comment

  • Feb 16
  • Food Vendors
  • Greenwood, Arkansas
  • 12 Pack 12 Ounce Cans
  • 1
  • 1
  • 100

Purchased five twelve packs yesterday (at Wal Mart on high way seventy one in Greenwood Ar). Product has a foul aftertaste almost like artificial sweetener. i contacted the Pepsi Cola bottling plant in Fort Smith Arkansas to check if the "formula" had changed recently. The pleasant sounding lady at the switch board indicated that, no, the formula had not changed and she suggested that I return... Read more

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I drink at least 6 cans of pepsi a day. For the last 20 years. I travel alot. I live in utah and have never has a problem. But every time i go to colorado. I have to bring pepsi from utah. Pepsi in colorado is flat. I noticed this about 2 years ago! I have been to navada, idaho, wyoming, iowa, california and the pepsi in those states has always been fine. Whats going on??? Add comment

  • Feb 08
  • Food Vendors
  • Wood, Pennsylvania
  • Pepsi-Cola
  • 33

I cannot believe how Pepsi can stay in business??? It must be funded by their salty snack company! I cannot get proper delivery days or times, and when my order does arrive it is Always wrong. The salesman continues to increase my order by a least 25 percent and I have talked to management over and over and still continues. Also the pricing changes without any notice about twice a year. They are... Read more

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