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Pepsi Cola
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We have pepsi machines at our business, if we was as bad at showing up to service our product as they are we would be out of business. We have to call 3 or 4 times to some one to show up and fill the machlnes, about to switch to coke, they act like they want our business Add comment

Once again I've spent hard earned money for a case of Pepsi only to find it flat or odd tasting. Expire date is March 23 2015 from lot# 1221TGO6174A WV1 purchased from Wal-Mart in Bryan, Oh. I want to return and /or have a coupon for a free case. Contact P.O.Box 842 Bryan, Oh 43506 Thank You! Add comment

I bought a 750ml bolttle of Pepsi max and when I opened it and drank it it was completely flat Add comment


  • Sep 06
  • Food Vendors
  • Gaborone, South-East
  • Pepsi Max
  • 2
  • 2
  • 165

was enjoying a bottle of pepsi max 2L bottle the other day when I swallowed something and thought what the heck ( had been drinking from this bottle for a couple of days) looked inside the bottle and saw something floating in the bottle poured out the balance of the drink and found the tip of what appears to be the tip of someones latex glove so what I swallowed before that is anyones guess. My... Read more

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  • Sep 05
  • Food Vendors
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Pepsi Soda Products
  • 33

Pepsico. someone needs to find out what is the issue with your products because your pepsi cola's in particular have had a peculiar taste to them and this last 1 liter that I purchased was the last straw. I have been a very loyal customer of your company for years and I am beyond pissed. I want to know what the *** is in my drink that makes me feel weird after only a few sips and the rest is... Read more

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I had two 6 pack bottles of diet Pepsi that tasted very off, I only drank one from each pack- I am type one diabetic and each pop raised my blood sugar to dangerous levels each time. Add comment


  • Sep 01
  • Food Vendors
  • Diet Pepsi
  • 20

In the last two years some times when I purchase a diet pepsi it has a funny taste to it . This happens with the three liters and two liters pepsi .I been feeling a little sick when I drink it. several times I had to pour the soda down the drain. It's almost like the soda is flat , it has a old taste to it , but the date on the soda is recent .I had to change to diet ginger ale for about the... Read more

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  • Aug 28
  • Food Vendors
  • R K Puram, Telangana
  • Broken Bottle
  • 15

I am Veena Sharma from Hyderabad India On 24th Aug 2014, the bottle busted with out opening, the glass piece hit in the left eye the retina got cut and the doctor says there is problem with the vision. Why the pepsi company is not checking properly when your incapable of supplying the products with doing a quality check, the person who is injured he is the sole person earning in the family now... Read more

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hoolseller sold expire Pepsi. in khanawal,kabirwala,nava shair. sealer name allahdat. Add comment


  • Aug 12
  • Food Vendors
  • Bad Pepsi Taste
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  • 1
  • 29

I purchased a 2 L. Pepsi that very flat to the taste and when I opened the bottle there's little fizz. I love Pepsi been drinking it for years. this is the third time this has happen to me within a year. I am very disappointed with my favorite drink. On my income that's a lot of soda to waste. I am disable and can't afford to buy a soda a day. I wish I could. I don't know if I am addicted to... Read more

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